Learn the timings and stylings of the blues
from shuffles to slow blues to funky blues
The rhythmic and lead stylings and grooves of the masters
from Lightning Hopkins, to BB King and Albert Collins from one
who has worked with and co billed with many of the great blues artists
The workshops are 8 weeks once a week Contact Jonathan at
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I recently participated in Jonathan Kalb's blues workshop. I've played guitar for almost 40 years and I've played in bands intermittently, but I had plenty to learn.


Jonathan assembled a band of students. There was a bass, drums, and 2 guitars. A harp player and a singer were occasionally in the mix. Additionally, Jonathan plays guitar while he instructs and leads the band. 

We met once a week for 8 weeks at Funkadelic Studios. Before each class we learned songs he emailed out to us. The songs were largely selected by him, although he encouraged us to choose songs we'd like to do. He often sought out tunes with chord progressions other than the usual 1-4-5, which I really appreciated. Songs with turnarounds that include 2 chords and 6 chords, with interesting, varied grooves. Old time blues players, artists that I would not have sought out. The artists who influenced the musicians of my generation. It gave me a new awareness and appreciation for the roots of the genre.

When we met, we rehearsed the songs as he led and offered feedback. He's a patient teacher and gave valuable critique and guidance to the group. We'd occasionally break it down to 2 or 3 instruments so he could provide focused attention to individuals.

There were recurring themes. Really listen to the other members. While playing rhythm, really try to meld with the drummer, creating one cohesive groove. Listen to the soloist to not step on his phrases, but rather compliment and build under him. If you're playing with multiple guitars, try to take distinct roles. He gave suggestions for how to phrase solos, and for those of us who ventured out of our comfort zones to sing, how to phrase vocal lines.  

Jonathan's rhythm playing is compelling; if he doesn't make you want to dance, check your pulse. It totally drives the band. I expect to continue to try to develop the skills he imparted long after the class has ended.



I enjoyed the class a great deal. We played a lot of different styles and it was great to have a full band there. If anything we covered too much material, as I felt I was always behind a bit. A bit of a shame we didn't get to play out as that would have been a lot of fun. 

I feel like I still need more seasoning to be the guitarist I want to be, but your class really helped me cover a lot of ground to get there. The focus on rhythm was a big wake up call for me, as it was something I never practiced that often. I quickly saw how important it is though.