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Minneapolis St Paul

Wed July 10 Radio Interview KFAI 430-5 pm Gig at 330 Club St Paul
Fri July 12 kj's Hideway St Paul
630 pm
Sat July 13 MetroNOME Brewery Saint Paul



Upcoming Gigs


Jonathan Kalb Band June 13 Thurs NYC Festival W 59th st time and address tba

Doc Henningans 1144 Forest Avenue Sunday April 28th

Stitch Blues Bar
247 W 37 st NYC 7-10 pm
Mar 20,April 10,May 15,June 19,July 27, Aug 21,Sept 10,Oct 23, Nov 20

Nov 15 Wed  Stitch 7-10 pm

January 11, 2004 Thurs  Stitch 37th st bet 7 & 8th ave  7-10 pm

Oct 19 th Thurs  Stitch

Sept 20 wed Stitch Blues Bar 247 w 37ths bet 7&8th ave  7-10 pm

Aug 19 Hudson River Park Barbecue & Blues Festival Pier 76     4pm   Manhattan

Aug 9th  Stitch 7-10  WED

July 7 Fri Stitch   June 16 Fri Stitch                          

May 8th     Duo  at  Porchlight cafe  corner of 11ave and 28th st  271 11th ave

April 28th New Jersey Shore blues Society Gig

April 26 Wed Stitch 247 w 37th st Manhattan 7pm-10pm

April 10 Sunrise 56th st  11am

April 6 Sunrise St Island  thurs 2pm

Mar 26  1pm Salty's tavern Benefit for Jersey Shore Blues Society

Mar 21 Esplanade Staten Island Richmond ave  2pm

Jan 24-28th Memphis International Blues Challenge  Finalist

Sat  Aug 27 Stitch Blues Bar
247 w 37st between 7th and 8th ave

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