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Teaching  Private Lessons


Just started and find that Jonathan is very talented and patient. Never felt this comfortable trying to learn guitar from a teacher before. I am an experienced player and can confidently say he can teach blues both pick and finger style as well as jazz and rock. Peace fellow musicians.. Darren.

Darren S. on March 1, 2017

A musician's music guru!

"Jonathan teaches music, not technique, not songs. If you want to learn what it is to make music on the guitar, the bass or the harmonica, this is your guy. He brings excellent chops, excellent musicianship and real energy to the lesson. A musician's music teacher." February 8, 2017   Robert F.

"jon is an excellent instructor . my playing has improved substantially under his tutelage . he is very responsive to my requests . he learns any song i ask him to and comes prepared to teach it to me . he is an interesting person and a very soulful player . i recommend him highly ."January 14, 2016  David F.

"Jonathan Kalb has been my guitar teacher now for a little over a half a year and I’m delighted to say, I am much more than pleased with my lessons; I can’t wait until the next one comes…that’s how good.
I took lessons previously and was OK with them, but found myself wandering and lacking a sense of ‘commitment’ to the teacher and to my studies. Dry.
I’m not a kid anymore and was looking for a teacher who could work with my adult enthusiasm, excitement, my talent, and not be rooted to teaching me the pentatonic scales in all keys before we could get to some playing and having some fun, too... I was hoping for a teacher who could personalize his teaching skills, and for me, Jonathan came through with flying colors. He’s so much more than a “One Size Fits All” teacher; he’s a real person – reachable, able to identify my needs, my strengths and weaknesses, and takes this into full consideration during our lessons. He’s an experienced, talented teacher. Simple.
He’s a person that really knows his stuff from musical theory to the many styles of playing, i.e., blues, jazz, folk, country and even rock; he can play and more importantly – he can teach um all! I’m an aspiring singer/songwriter and in addition to helping me define those strange chords I’m playing, he inspires me to ‘grow on.’
Oh, and one more thing: If your lesson is an hour long and there’s something important happening, he won’t cut you off - he’ll take the extra time needed to get you to the end of ‘the measure,’ comfortably." Feb 2017          Rachel I.

"Jonathan Kalb is a professional blues artist, a multi instrumentalist, and a talented teacher. I have been taking harmonica lessons from Jonathan for over seven years and my playing has improved dramatically as a result of his instruction. He often accompanies me on either piano or guitar in order to help me master a difficult harmonica lick.
Whether you are looking for a teacher on guitar, piano, bass, harmonica or drums, I highly recommend Jonathan Kalb as your teacher"

March 18, 2017   John B.

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